"I had several breakthroughs . . . great insights into my history and recovery. The workshop was wonderful. Anne is warmhearted, extremely intelligent and perceptive."
J. P. -- California
"I learned how much my parents' relationship has impacted me and led to the relationships I have today. I learned how to nurture myself and how to fall in love with the teenager I used to loathe."
G. G. -- Australia
"I can now accept my own feelings, I can hear others' feelings without being responsible for them."
K. K. -- Japan
"Anne is nothing short of amazing. Her capacity for love and her honed, gentle wisdom are outstanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
C. C. -- California
What is “the inner child”?
The inner child has many names.  It is called our authentic self, real self, natural child, core self, our creative energy,  genuine self, the child within, our inner place of knowing . . .
Have you ever found yourself thinking you want one thing and doing something else?  The thing you're doing is the inner child at work.  We are often out of touch with this part of ourselves, and yet it is the part that runs our lives.
Who can benefit from this workshop?
This workshop is for men and women who want to experience more joy and personal potency in their lives.  Whether you had a happy childhood or a difficult childhood, there is much for you to gain from this workshop.
What will we do in this workshop?
In a safe and loving environment you will have the opportunity to experience compassion and validation as you tell your own story and hear others’.  You will receive and give nurturing, affirming messages.  You will have the opportunity to receive and give appropriate, healing touch, reclaiming and affirming the safety of your own body.
Through the use of visualization techniques you will discover your own inner nurturing parent and your inner child.  You will learn to create healthy, healing experiences to foster an inner child that feels secure and strong.  The partnership you establish between your inner child and your nurturing parent will enable you to live your life with a new level of potency, peace and joy.
Through drawing and dynamic sculpting, you will have the opportunity to see your internal family images from new and different perspectives.  Then you can create a new family image of your choice that feels wholesome and healing.
In this workshop we will create opportunities to:
Heart Risk, share and tell our own stories.
Heart Uncover core beliefs that hold us back.
Heart Move through our fear.

Learn techniques for safely releasing our anger and sadness.
Heart Reclaim the right to embrace all of our feelings.
Heart Nurture and reassure our inner child.

Find ways to access our own abundant inner resources.
Heart Create new, healing images of our families.

Experience profound levels of love and compassion for ourselves and others.

For further information, please call or email Anne.
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