"I learned that I am perhaps more courageous than I think I am. That I can really re-create my family story so it works for me in a positive way."
V. O. -- United Kingdom
"I learned that I can let go of shame, and other people's expectations of who I should be."
L. Q. -- California
"This workshop gave me new ways to look at my childhood experiences, as well as a number of interesting techniques for working with them. Anne is both warmly supportive AND gently insistent when you need that little push to get at something important. I really loved the workshop."
D. M. -- California
"This is the first time I've actually wanted to give up the 'victim story' -- acknowledging that I can have different memories and perspectives about my childhood. Great feeling of relief that I don't have to be stuck with these 'broken records'."
C. P. -- California
"The course was wonderful -- everything that, and more than, I had hoped for -- transformative."
D. S. -- California
"The workshop was great! I came with questions and only a vague idea of what I wanted. I left with a direction and tools to continue the work."
A. M. -- California


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