"Anne has a beautiful ability to hear people, to focus people, to reframe and redirect that which is useless into a fruitful direction."
P. D. -- Michigan
"This workshop was empowering, inspiring and challenging."
A. O. -- United Kingdom
"Even though I am physically small, I learned that my body can be safe with others."
J. Y. -- Japan
"Anne is so skillful in handling any situation, so in touch with what's going on. I totally trust and revere her."
A. M. -- California
"I learned to feel safe loving another and being loved."
S. K. -- Japan
"Although I had held a bit of skepticism about the concept of the 'inner child,' attributing it to 'California New Age,' participating in the workshop has certainly changed my feeling about it. It has enabled me to really get in touch with that part of me that has been so ignored, repressed and denied for so long. It has gone far in putting me onto the path to healing that damaged part of me."
B. F. -- California


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