"Thank you so much for your grace, beauty, humor, wisdom and generosity of spirit!  You are an incredible inspiration of what a powerfully loving woman looks like."
P. D. -- Massachusetts
"I feel so appreciative of your work with my husband and me; everything has shifted since we last saw you.  I feel like I am finally coming into some balance and that my husband and I are back in communication.  Your time with us is invaluable."
S. G. -- California
"You are amazing, Anne.  I always feel such clarity after I talk with you, and there's so much in me being touched by you through your words and the way you deliver them . . . wow!"
K. K. -- Germany
"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the 15 minutes of amazing advice you gave us . . .  It was worth years of therapy!  We especially appreciated your humor, your very direct approach, and most especially your huge-heartedness.  You are a real blessing."
P. S. and M. W. -- California
"I love coming to see Anne because I feel uplifted and 'cleansed' when I meet with her."
P. F. -- California
"Thank you SO MUCH for our session today.  Your loving presence makes it possible for me to hear and absorb not only the supportive things you say, but also the things that are hard to hear.  (Although I realize that even the things that are hard to hear are still 'supportive.')"
"When I write my book about who has influenced me the most on my life's journey, you are definitely going to be in there as one of the top healers."
M. A. -- CaliforniaS. C. -- California
"Just a quick note to tell you what a tremendous difference the session with you made to me and my husband.  We both felt at ease and optimistic when we left -- not 'wrung out' or upset, as can often be the case after relationship counseling."
M. A. -- California
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