"This workshop was amazing.  It was the most smooth, effortless and loving (yet filled with breakthroughs) workshop I've participated in -- and I've done a lot!!!"
S. B. -- California
"The gift of Anne's guidance and this workshop is more precious than I can express.  I am humbled by the beauty and freedom you bring to the world."
L. F. -- Arizona
"Anne, thank you for the wonderful workshop.  I never met a workshop leader who was so well prepared and so sure about the things he or she wanted to communicate.  I learned a lot from you as well as from the other participants."
I. H. -- Germany
"It was a wonderful experience.  I found myself opening up to all possibilities in my life and I feel empowered to walk a new path."
J. S. -- California
"Very curiously, I was feeling present and enjoying most of the exercises; then, wow!  During and after the last exercises, the essence of it all suddenly culminated into the Spirit of Love that I choose to live each day.  Thank you!"
S. D. -- Canada
"The workshop was very warm in my heart and inspiring."
P. H. -- Germany
"The Spirit of Love helped me connect back to my 'human' side, and I have a newfound state of motivation."
R. K. -- California
"This course was just marvelous, very to the point.  Very well structured and very enriching."
I. H. -- Germany
"This experience was perfect.  It hit the core of opening up -- being with myself and being honest with others and myself."
S. R. -- California
"Anne is a very loving person, full of presence and humor."
F. J. N. -- Germany
For further information, please call or email Anne.

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