Maturing as an Art Form:
   Defying the Stereotypes of Aging

The aging process begins as soon as we are born!  As with any living organism there are a budding, a blooming and a decaying, all in the natural order of the life cycle.

We live in a culture that has marginalized people as they grow older, and that almost fanatically worships youth. Meanwhile, this is a time in history when more of the population are reaching the second half of their lives, their numbers growing rapidly as the baby boomers come of age and as life expectancy continues to rise.

In many other cultures, the elders are treated with respect and reverence.  They are a treasured resource in their families and communities.  It is time to heal our own attitudes and beliefs about aging, learn ways to age gracefully and live happy, healthy, active lives.


Are you desperately trying to keep the visible and emotional signs of aging at bay?
Are you experiencing practical challenges, such as job discrimination, unmanageable health insurance or other issues?
Are you frustrated by changes in your sexuality? in your energy levels?
Are you bemoaning decreased skin elasticity and suffering the effects of gravity?
Are you discovering new aches and pains, vision and hearing loss?

In a safe and compassionate atmosphere, we will:

 Heart Discuss the changes we are experiencing.
 Heart Have an opportunity to grieve our losses.
 Heart Celebrate who we are becoming.
 Heart Educate ourselves on ways to age gracefully.
 Heart Create new attitudes and beliefs about the joy of aging.
 Heart Embrace our wisdom and experience with dignity.
“Heartwarming and inspiring.” M.W.
“Wow!” B.S.
“Supportive and affirming.” E.C.
“You are truly one of the wise elders!” K.S.
“Great! I learned not to be so hard on myself in regards to some of the realities of aging, but also, not to just expect certain elements
as inevitable.” A.S.
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5-Day: Esalen Institute:
May 11-16, 2014
This workshop has been canceled.
Please check back for updates
on future workshops!

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